Tanoura x Lynyer: The Eid collaboration

The Tanoura team are extremely proud and excited to announce our exclusive partnership with nomadic lifestyle jewellery brand, Lynyer. Our founder and designer Noura has collaborated with Lebanese-born, Leen Abdel Nour (founder of Lynyer) to form a beautifully curated style edit, pairing our timeless handcrafted linen looks with Lynyer’s nature and travel inspired jewellery pieces - perfect for the Eid celebration.

We wanted to collaborate for this occasion, as Eid is a time of unity with everyone in your community to share love and celebrate by coming together. The whole idea is that whoever you meet, you try and create a feeling of goodwill. We want our collection to encompass this idea by bringing two female designers together to mark the special occasion.

The colour palette for this collection is a harmonious mix of earth inspired tones. From rich reds and golden yellows, to deep navy and earthy green shades - all of which pair perfectly with Lynyer’s nature inspired golden jewelry. When combined, this curated edit allows the modern woman to present herself in a way that symbolises bold, natural and timeless beauty.

What truly makes this collection so special is our shared love as designers for timeless, hand-crafted pieces that tell a story. Artistry that is inspired by individual experience is extremely important to both Tanoura and Lynyer. With that said, not only should this collaboration serve as the perfect occasion-wear for Eid, but we want our customer to discover interesting and unexpected stories about each item, becoming a part of our community through owning these pieces. These designs have been created to invite you to explore experiences from around the world, such as Eid, that have inspired our brands and ideas. By owning this collection, you become a part of our story. Forever.


With love, 

Tanoura x Lynyer


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